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Multibrackets M VESA Gas Lift Arm iMac Silver

Multibrackets M VESA Gas Lift Arm iMac Silver

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A triple jointed gas suspended monitor arm, designed by Multibrackets for the iMac 24 to optimize your productivity and help reducing strain on neck, back and eyes.

Need to get that sleek new iMac up off of your desk? Our iMac compatible monitor arms will help you clear up valuable desk space. Our innovative solution iMac Gas Lift is then a great choice. The M VESA Gas Lift Arm iMac is made out of a durable aluminum construction and uses a gas driven suspension technique. This makes the iMac "float" and it can then be moved with near zero effort. Sleek and streamlined, the M VESA Gas Lift Arm iMac frees up space and allows positioning of your iMac for greater productivity. The unique counterbalance gas technology provides smooth adjustment in any direction. Easy move the iMac close to the desk, high up, matching almost any wanted working position imaginable.

Stand up and get energized. This sleek, height-adjustable Gas Lift Arm is made so that you can stand more, sit less, and become healthier doing so. The advanced ergonomics and uncompromising style of the M VESA Gas Lift Arm iMac 24" Silver are proportioned so that your body, space and passion all function in perfect harmony.

Set up is simple. An 24" iMac base slips easily in the M VESA Gas Lift Arm iMac Silver grab handles which discretely and securely holds it in place. No VESA adapter is required to mount and move your iMac where you want it.
Weightless Suspension. Even while M VESA Gas Lift Arm iMac Silver holds your iMac 24 with ease, it still makes its load seem absolutely weightless thanks to the strategic mount design. This allows you to easily make any adjustments to the monitor while only using one hand.

Cable-Free Surface. No one wants their desk covered in a mess of cables, which is why it is so great that this product comes with a cable management system that is able to keep all of your cables grouped together and organized instead of sprawled out everywhere.

Plenty of Mounting Options. It doesn't matter what type of mounting you prefer to use because chances are that the M VESA Gas Lift Arm iMac Silver has it. Its mounting system offers up six different mounting options to allow you to find the perfect one for your specific desk.

Holds iMacs 24 (weight capacity for the arm is minimum 2kg and up to maximum 10kg). The interval is important to keep due to the gas driven piston that keeps your screen floating in the air.

The snap on head gives a fast assembly and disassembly of the LCD perfect for any IT department who wants to minimize downtime.

The M VESA Gas Lift Arm iMac holds to your standard workdesk (max 50mm), or assemble it using a workdesk thru hole technique.
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