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Multibrackets M Motorized Collaboration Floorstand 55"-100" (MOQ 40pcs)

Multibrackets M Motorized Collaboration Floorstand 55"-100" (MOQ 40pcs)

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The Multibrackets M Motorized Collaboration Floorstand 60"-100", is a mobile TV -Stand capable of supporting any LCD, LED, IFPDs or Interactive displays up to a screen sizes of 100 or 90kgs in weight with a VESA up to 900x600mm.

A fully adjustable, electric lift, mobile stands that offer convenience, flexibility, and great design, introducing the all new M Motorized Collaboration Floorstand 60"-100". The sleek, compact design moves easily between spaces and is designed for touchscreen in working, drafting, collaboration, and presentation positions. Quick and easy to install, combining neat design touches with robust quality, this superb value IFPD, Display or TV Trolley will give a lifetime of enjoyable and reliable performance.

Perfect for use in education; classrooms, lecture theatres, or in commercial environments, M Motorized Collaboration Floorstand 60"-100" features a large and stable base with four robust castors . You can now move your valuable display safely and easily from room to room with smooth passage through doorways and over thresholds.

Get closer to the display
Multibrackets has incorporated a clever wheelbase making it possible for the user to get very close to the screen. Holding a wide range of VESA specifications up to 900x600.

Take control
Take control of creative, presentation and collaboration workspaces Multibrackets motorized stand. This heavy-duty mobile stand integrates seamlessly with most large displays including those really large size screens. This floorstand incorporates design with rounded edges and overall features giving a softer, professional castors that fits well in corporate and classroom environments. The height of the often large size displays can easily be adjusted by one person via the remote control on the stand itself or the handheld battery operated RF-remote. Never has a perfect viewing angle been so easy to achieve. No technical know-how or previous usage is needed to control this floorstand.

Just set it at the height needed - and go!
The motor-driven height adjustment allow you to move the display up or down to a suitable height for any presentation or digital signage situation. The wide reach up or down makes it suitable for both a sitting or standing audience, making this product a perfect multifunctional solution for any need.
The high quality castors utilized in this floor stand makes it easily pass through doorways and over thresholds for years.

Multibrackets Pro Series configurations are design protected by Multibrackets via:
EU Community Design

Motorized and fully height adjustable for most display sizes and work assignments
Holds up to 90kg and supports VESA up to 900x600
A quiet electrical motor is discreetly concealed
Optimized for any audience, standing or sitting
Easily pass through doorways and over thresholds
High performance & locking casters provide easy transport over any surface
Dual remote controls included
A variety of accessories available
Smart design reduces installation time and minimize package size
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