The Sharp/NEC FC Series LED Wall: A Revolution in Digital Display

The Sharp/NEC FC Series LED Wall: A Revolution in Digital Display

In today's fast-paced digital era, the demand for high-quality, reliable, and innovative display solutions is ever-increasing. Industries, be it retail, transportation, or public spaces, seek displays that not only captivate but are also resilient. Enter the NEC FC Series - a testament to Sharp/NEC's commitment to pushing the boundaries in digital display technology.

Stunning Visuals, Durable Design

The NEC FC Series is designed with high traffic environments in mind. It promises not just brilliant visuals but also durability that stands the test of time (and traffic!). What makes this series stand out is its ability to deliver crisp visuals, thanks to its range of fine pixel pitches. With options of 0.95mm, 1.2mm, and 1.5mm, users can achieve the optimum display resolution, especially for close viewing distances. This flexibility ensures that the content is always sharp, clear, and engaging, irrespective of the viewer's proximity to the screen.

Front Serviceable Design: Maintenance Made Easy

One of the standout features of the FC series is its front serviceable design. This user-centric feature ensures that any required maintenance or servicing can be done swiftly and efficiently. The easy access design ensures minimal downtime, a crucial factor for displays in high traffic areas.

Versatility at its Best

The FC Series is versatile, making it the ideal choice for a myriad of applications. Whether it's the bustling environment of a retail store, the dynamic setting of transportation hubs, the informative atmosphere of museums, or open public spaces, the high contrast ratio and unmatched brightness of the FC Series ensure it shines everywhere.

Innovative Technology for Reliable Performance

The FC Series leverages the latest in display technology – the flip chip COB (Chip on Board). This technology is renowned for delivering reliable and impressive imaging, even in the most challenging environments. With the FC Series, users can be assured of a display that's not just visually stunning but also consistently reliable.

End-to-End Support by NEC

Choosing the FC Series is not just about getting a top-tier LED wall; it's also about partnering with a brand that stands by its products. NEC offers comprehensive support right from the planning and design phase to installation and even post-installation maintenance. This holistic approach ensures that clients receive a solution that's tailor-made for their needs, allowing them to concentrate on their core business operations.


The Sharp/NEC FC Series LED Wall encapsulates the essence of what modern digital displays should be - visually brilliant, durable, versatile, and backed by cutting-edge technology. For businesses and institutions looking to make a statement, to captivate and engage their audience, the FC Series is the definitive choice.

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